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Code of conduct


1. Parents are requested to check their child’s school diary and ensure that the homework assigned for the next day is done regularly.
2. Remarks made in the school diary should be acknowledged regularly by the parents.
3. Criticism of a student’s teacher or his school in the presence of the child should be avoided because it may cause the student to lose respect for his Teacher and the school. Any difficulties should be discussed with Teacher or Principal.
4. If you feel that your child is not showing the desired progress, please make it a point to discuss it with the Principal and subject teacher without delay.
5. Parents are requested to check the progress report card every month of your ward and sign it with remarks.
6. Parents are required to send their children to school in time.
7. Sick child should not be sent to school without medicines to be taken during school hours.
8. Parents are expected to participate regularly in school functions whenever they are invited for the benefits of their child.
9. Please ensure that your child takes part in all the activities of the school.


The school prepare every student to raise herself/himself intellectually and morally so as to face the stern realities of life later with confidence and courage. The school provides a code of conduct which every student entering its portals is expected to follow. Each student of the school is expected to look on the, custodian of the school. He is expected to conduct himself with decorum and dignity that is worthy of the institution. The school beseeches its students to observe the following rules.
1. To listen carefully to the instruction given during assembly and follow them earnestly
2. It is a duty of every student to pay proper respect to the teachers, office staff and hostel staff.
3. Cleanliness should be maintained at all costs. Bits of papers and skins of fruit should be put into dustbins kept for the purpose at various places.
4. Roaming in the corridors is not allowed.
5. Students should be punctual and regular in attending their classes.
6. Dress code should be strictly worn by the students.
7. Use of mobile phones by the students is strictly prohibited in the school.
8. Ignorance of rules will not be accepted as an excuse for their non-observance.


Absentee fine (without sanctioned leave) for one day is Rs. 10/-. The student without proper uniform will be fined Rs. 10/-. Non payment of dues by date will be fined Rs. 5 per day. (If there is not a reasonable cause).

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