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At present, the school is affiliated to H.P. Board of School Education. GPS provides education to empower its students keeping in view the capability and potential of individual students. We strive hard to enable students to make decisions, find creative solutions, plan effective action strategies and plan their careers keeping in view their own capabilities, and potentials. They are inspired to work hard to achieve their aims and objectives. The curriculum is structured keeping in view the ever changing trends in the education world right from nursery to senior secondary level/ Supplementary study packages developed by the Research & Development wing of the school are provided to guide the day to day activities of the teachers and students.
The classroom programmes and teaching strategies are constantly reinvented, evaluated and revamped to create the most appropriate education environment that the child needs. The teaching learning programmes at all levels are unique and they are the result of cross – fertilization of the finest teaching methodologies.

Pre-Primary (Nursery and Kindergarten)
1. Learning is through play-way method and fun dominated activities.
2. Stories and poems are dramatized using appropriate expressive actions.
3. Focus is on developing the communication skills of the child.
4. Participation by the students is encouraged through drawing, colouring, painting, group-games, clay-modeling, flash-cards, day-camps, plays, festival celebrations etc.

Primary (Class 1 to 5)
1. Focus is on development of language and mathematical skills.
2. A thematic approach is followed to stimulate the children through interactive classroom sessions.
3. Extensive use of latest trends in education technology is preferred.
4. Project works in class call for mass participation. However, equal emphasis is laid on developing strong sense of individuality.
5. Field trips, day camps, activity days are organized to make learning a fun.
6. The focus is on skill development and comprehension, and not on memorization of text book contents.
7. Computer literacy is emphasized.

Middle (Class 6 to 8)
1. Emphasis shifts from skills to course content of the text books.
2. Steps are taken to inculcate learning techniques for comprehension and long term retention of the course content.

Main Emphasis
1. The focus is on in-depth conceptual learning and application of the comprehended knowledge.
2. Steps are taken to strengthen comprehension, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
3. Group and individual projects, discovery, exploration and learning through discussions is emphasized.
4. Personality development and value education is emphasized.

Secondary & Senior Secondary (Classes 9 to 12)
1. At present, the school offers only the non-medical and medical subject combinations in science stream.
2. Self study techniques are emphasized through self study sessions.
3. Special emphasis is laid on preparation for board & competitive exams (Engg./Med) through assignments in all subjects.Information technology is one of the compulsory subjects, which enables the students to face the future, dominated by computers.

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